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About Us

Thank you for considering a stay in the Great Smoky Mountains and surrounding area!

My name is Linda Nichols. I am the Living the Dream Property Rentals host. Along with my niece and a great team of family and friends, I am here to ensure that any stay at one of our properties is a memory you’ll cherish. 


A Little Background on Me...

When booking a stay, it always helps to know a little bit of info about your host. I am one of three sisters who were born into a family that loved to travel. Our Father—who served in the U.S. Army—had to frequently relocate the family, which gave everyone the chance to really experience the beauty and people in different states. Our Mom especially loved this, as she never met a stranger who couldn’t be invited over for a warm meal or a cup of coffee.


My childhood love of traveling and staying at different places never went away. When I met my late husband over forty years ago, we decided to move from Indiana to Tennessee so that we could be close to the mountains, the wonderful culture, and the area’s peaceful way of life. 


Some Rare Treasures

On top of traveling and people, I also enjoy finding and selling one-of-a-kind antiques. I am the proprietor of Estate Antiques & Collectibles, which is located on Highway 66. 


When I’m not traveling or hunting for the next great antique to sell, I spend my time tending to our collection of rental properties across Sevier County. Each one of these properties is different, and all include a wide array of amenities and decor. Cabins, ranchers, riverhouses, Victorian homes, and even “barn-dominiums.”


The Golden Rule

I value the great welcoming experience I have whenever I go places. And when you’re staying with us in the Smokies, it’s my intent that you feel just the same. 


And remember: Treating others the way you want to be treated goes double for the guest-host experience. 


Let us book your stay!

Linda Nichols/ Sevierville

Meet The Team

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